What if YOU were the next Hero?

Help us end malnutrition around the world

Feeding children

The Hope Bar is “THE” Standardized whole food bar.  That means we use nothing but whole food ingredients enriched with nothing but food-sourced vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

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Trusted distribution

Nothing is more important than ensuring our boxes of Hope arrive safely in the hands of children who need it. This is achieved through a close working relationship with our distribution partner.

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Social entrepreneurship

A key to this new model is providing financial rewards for the millions of entrepreneurs & consumers who choose to help champion this cause. The method can convert an army of compassionate consumers into a dynamic movement for global change.

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Meet the creator and Chairman of the EMSquared Project Vicente Fox

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The power of squared presents the opportunity to reach and touch an unprecedented number of difference-makers across the globe.

A global problem

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